MEDC On-time Payment Campaign
Muscat Electricity Distribution
Project Description

The Client issue:

The brief was to inform people that the power will be cut in 7 days after the last warning The business objective was to increase payments on time.

The challenge:

MEDC was advertising to the public (other than financials) for the first time ever and they didn’t intend to sound very negative.

Talks recommendation::

Talks conducted a research among the target audience (total sample size: 241 ) through different methodologies:

•Asking people on the street and small shops
•Telephonic interviews with random people
•Interview with a MEDC senior
•Interview with an OIFC senior
•3 brainstorming sessions for 11 members of Talks team.

Objectives of the research:

• To study the reasons behind late payments
• To study people’s reaction incase of power cuts

We ran the campaign in two different phases – Teaser, Revealer on the same day, with an informative ad the second day onwards.

The results:

In week 1 itself, we had to  place the campaign on hold and resume after 3 days, due to load of payments on the counters.

We resumed in the 2nd week; payments to MEDC increased by +400% in the first month post launch.

Now MEDC late payments have reduced from 70% to 15%.

Project Details