Oman Economic Forum 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016
Al Iktissad Wal-Aamal
Project Description

Oman Economic Forum: 2010 2012, 2014 & 2016 

Oman Economic Forum is in its fifth edition “Oman a bridge Between Asia & the GCC" and thsi presigious event was held on 23rd and 24th of March 2016 at Al Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa.
The forum hosted around 500 investors and businessmen from Oman and the Arab states, 
in addition to delegates from 100 global investment fund members as well as delegations from China, Japan, Iran,
 Turkey and other Asian countries.

The Challenge 
The Oman Economic Forum is the largest Finance and Commerce event that is held in Oman, with subject matter experts and delegates attending from all across the globe. 
The challenge was to ensure a flawless event flow and to foster and facilitate a constructive environment for trade
 and business relations to grow between international  companies, delegates  and local Omani business houses.

The Agency Recommendation: 
Since, the conference brought together participants from all around the world, Talks promised to elevate the existing 
stature of the event and present an uforgettable experience for delegates Mr. Tony Blair, ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to name a few and other top leaders in the world of finance 
from the region,China, Europe, etc.

The Results:
Talks succesfuly managed the entire event from the on-ground planning, implementation and a smooth flow of the event since 2010 proving to be better with every passing year. Talks managed and oversaw multiple areas of the event to result in a seamless, high quality and professional program. 


Project Details