1 Oman 1 Pulse - عمان نبض واحد
Oman Football Association
Project Description

The Client issue:

The brief was to do a campaign that engages people of Oman with the gulf cup and ensures everyone supports the national team regardless of the results.


The big challenge:

  1. Creating a signature campaign, on close to zero-budgets.
  2. The people of Oman love the team but believe that they can’t make it especially that they have been trying for the past 36 years.

Talks recommendation:

We conducted a brainstorming session of 16 passionate football followers, and came up with the  campaign slogan - 1 Oman 1 Pulse - عمان نبض واحد

The idea was to invite fans to send their supporting messages via SMS to 3 Radio stations. The SMS text from fans appeared the next day in newspapers and on TV scroll bar.

The interaction started increasing. The TV ads hinted at wearing football accessories, painting faces and painting or stickering cars – the response went beyond any planning or imagination.

The results:

The campaign became a national fever!

The slogan and logo were used by most of the companies in Oman endorsing their own advertising. The slogan was put on streets, houses, mountains, birthday cakes and babies’ faces.

The national team heroes made it till the end and won the gulf cup 19! A splendid victory.

The campaign was rated by international creative directors as one-of-a-kind campaign due to the unparalleled level of engagement it got.

Project Details