Huawei Oman Media Club – Power of Influencer Marketing
Project Description

The brief:

The objective was to increase reach and have a  greater and wider visibility of the Huawei products to the customers in the local market. Be a case study in the Omani market.

Talks recommendation:

As the Omani market lacks specialized media in ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Talks recommended that Huawei initiates a Oman Media Club to help nurture a pool of IT savvy journalists and tech-savvy social media enthusiast, through organizing exclusive sessions to introduce them to the latest in the ICT sector, both locally and globally.

This approach will help Huawei in their efforts to reach the public (potential customers) and also be perceived as a leader in the industry and trend setters.

The launch took place in More Café-The Wave Muscat. Participating members were hand-picked by the Talks team, to represent traditional media, local digital websites and also social influencers from diverse fields, like bloggers, photographers, video and film makers (Vloggers) all with +10K fan base.

The days agenda included the Huawei brand presentation followed by the Huawei P8 and talkband B2 features display. There was also a light painting show, by a very talented artist appointed by Talks. PR and media coverage followed in all leading dailies including Times of Oman, Al Watan, Al Shabiba, Azamn, along with social media mentions.

The results:

Content created by influencers:

  • Approx 100 brand or product related pictures were published on social media, by influencers and consumers
  • Approx 30mins of  video content was generated by the influencer community on snapchat and instagram. These included detailed product reviews, and live coverage of events.
  • Traditional press coverage also accompanied each event.

The Huawei Oman Media Club is working very well for all the media houses and social  influencers, who get a first-look at the latest advances in technology by Huawei. And our client benefits from expert reviews, and having their message reach a mass audience from sources, who they trust and aspire to be like. Truly we are leveraging the true sense the power of influencer marketing.


Project Details