IPA EUROMENA Conference 2016
IPA EUROMENA Conference, 2016
Project Description

The conference discusses topics related to the human resources and team management tools, as well as reviewing leadership models that affect behaviors, which stimulate work and encourage the collective work.
It also discusses the performance of government institutions for a new model of human resources management, 
besides reviewing areas of administrative and financial auditing.

Running over 3 days, delegates were welcomed at Grand Millenium Hotel to witness the
participation of elite speakers and participants from Arab and European countries who have leading experience in 
this field. 

The Challenge:
The EUROMENA conference focuses on establishing  dialogue for a public administration program in the Euro-MENA region at the highest administrative levels in these countries. 
The mission is to manage and deliver world class conference with delegates participating from over 9 countries, 
across MENA and Europe. 
The challenge however was to ensure a hassle free and professional event since this was the 
first time this conference was visting Oman.

The Agency Recommendation
Talks worked closely with Euro Mena on every aspect of event planning and logistics leading up to the event being 
a major success. This included coordinating with government officials in Oman, representatives of  IPA, 
and other partners to align PR and Social Media tactics and delivering the best outcome as promised. 
Talks  acted as the local press office for IPA, handling reactive and proactive media requests, localizing content 
and materials in the pre, during and post phase of the event. 

The Result
The colloboration of IPA and Talks was a grand success and the conference proceeded smoothly. To further add on, Talks recieved a special mention from the Ministry commending the standards set with this event.

Project Details